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How to Make a Bead Necklace Much of the popular costume jewelry that you can buy at trendy clothing stores can be made easily using a few supplies. Beading is an easy way to create wearable art that does not require tons of training or even artistic ability. It's fun, relaxing, and a great way to express your creativity! HGH Oral Getting started: You need to find a good bead supply shop. Check your local yellow pages for a bead supply shop near you. Just taking an afternoon to sort through beads at the shop can be inspiring and fun! You can also buy beads online at stores such as Eclectic Etc., Inc. Beads & Supplies or When you go to the bead shop: Please plan on spending more money than you originally expected. Beads themselves are cheap, but putting together your own "bead library" adds up. I've been known to spend $100 on a simple trip to the bead store. Don't skimp though, if you can help it: Gathering a variety of beads will allow you greater creativity in the necklaces you can create. Human Growth Hormone What to buy: Buy an assortment of small and large beads according to your own tastes, but also don't forget to purchase large supplies of what I call "foundation" beads. Foundation beads are those simple, plentiful beads that provide the basic support system for the more elaborate, complex beads you may want to highlight. (You can also make beautiful necklaces with foundation beads alone.) For example, if you want to create a "tiki" inspired necklace, you may want to collect plain wood beads to complement the more "out there" tiki beads you found. I'd also recommend purchasing large strings of tiny glass beads, which are cheap and can complement many necklace designs. Plain metal (or fake metal) beads are also good as accents. Supply list: Assorted beads Thick thread A special bead threading needle* Necklace fasteners/clasps String "stoppers" that connect to the clasps - can look like little clam shells with a hook on the end, or a cup with a hole and a hook at the end* A bead board to lay out your design on* Bead glue, or craft glue that comes in a tube with a very fine applicator point Tweezers (if you are working with very small beads) Small plyers (*Ask the help at the bead shop to show you) Make sure you test your clasps out before buying them. Do not buy plastic clasps painted to look like metal; they are too cheap and break or fall open easily. Skimping on clasps is a sure way to lose a necklace. Beading your necklace: Once you've collected your beads, it's time to make your necklace. Disclaimer: Please note that I'm not a professional necklace maker. I have come up with a procedure that is easy to do and has allowed me to create cool, sturdy necklaces I continually get compliments on. This procedure is so simple, I'm sure you'll be getting asked about your necklaces in no time! 1. Before you string any beads, lay out your bead design on the bead board. Use string to determine the right size for your neck. On my neck, a loose choker is about 16 inches on the bead board, or 8 inches on each side. You may want to use tweezers to pick up and arrange very tiny beads. 2. Thread your bead needle. I usually double the thread. Knot the loose ends. I like to make a very secure knot. You will pull the thread through one of your "stoppers" until it hits the knot. If you use a clam shell stopper, make sure the clam shell can close away from your free thread so that the hook faces out. (This will make more sense when you actually try it.) 3. Now it's time to make the necklace! Starting at one end of the necklace design on your bead board, simply thread the beads onto the string, in order. Keep going until all the beads are on the thread. Once again, tweezers can be very helpful when threading tiny beads. 4. OK, you should have all the beads threaded. Pull the remaining thread through the second stopper, making sure the thread is taut and the hook faces away from the beads. Secure the thread with a few good knots. Cut off the remaining thread. 5. Put a tiny dab of glue on the knots on either end of the necklace. Put somewhere safe and let dry. 6. If you use clam shell stoppers: Once the glue is dry, close the "clam shells" together using your pliers. Now you should have two open hooks. 7. Fasten one side of the clasp on one hook; close with pliers. Repeat the procedure on the other side with the second half of the clasp. HGH Pills Voila! You now have a necklace! You can also experiment with other materials, including using wire instead of thread, or creating your own beads using FIMO clay. Once you see how easy it is to make your own necklaces, you'll wonder why you ever bought them in the store! Of course, we don't want our fellow beadworkers to go out of business, so purchasing cool necklaces is a great way to support the art of necklace-making while inspiring you to greater heights of jewelry design. Beading is just one part of a whole world of jewelry making. I hope you find it to be fun and satisfying! Good luck!

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