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Original Historic Theatre by Stacy Dermont
Homefront: A Civil War Love Story
Based on five actual letters written by James R. Foster, a Southampton, Long Island, New York whaler who served as a Union Soldier. Written home to his "special friend," Phebe Rogers, this three person play presents war in microcosm. Maybe performed with a minimal set and is available in shorter form. SCHOOLS (History, Social Studies): Integration with school curriculum, teaching Long Island history, women’s history, and Civil War history. “…70 fascinating, absorbing, and ultimately moving minutes…” ~ Lee Davis, Southampton Press "…the universal hardships of war, any war, resonate through the carefully scripted, thoroughly enlightening performance.” ~ Dan’s Papers “The attendance of a performance of ‘Homefront’ during our Civil War Encampment went well beyond our expectations, as did the audience reaction. It was quite clearly a hit, and confirmed for me the benefits of offering live historic theatre at our museum.” ~Rose Ann Walsh, Director of Education, The Long Island Museum of American Arts, History and Carriages

Amelia Earhart and Martha Graham: Soaring!
Set in 1929, this is a show that is a delight for all ages. Amelia Earhart is, of course, that famous flying female, with aviation ties to Long Island, and Martha Graham is widely noted as the mother of modern dance. Explore the lives and times of these two great American icons of flight and dance. Not that these two get along terribly well either, mind you. Conflict is drama, is entertainment!

A Roaring Twenties Holiday with Dorothy Parker and Daisy Buchanan
It’s the winter of 1921 and Daisy Buchanan, a beautiful flapper, arrives unexpectedly. Suddenly, she hears footsteps at the door. It’s none other than the “world-infamous” author, theatre critic, and dark wit, Dorothy Parker. The very dry yet very “lubricated” Mrs. Parker meets Mrs. Buchanan, one of the most recognizable heroines of modern literature, and these two very different women share secrets and gossip during an impromptu holiday luncheon, dinner, or high tea. “Dermont & Munna Entertainment’s production of ‘A Roaring Twenties Holiday Tea with Dorothy Parker and Daisy Buchanan’ was hilarious and educational. They really brought those characters to life for our audiences.” ~ Debbie Powers, Deepwells Mansion

A Very Betty Christmas by Stacy Dermont
This original comedy will feature two (or more) of our audiences' "Favorite Betties". Throughout the year, audience members will be invited to vote for the two Betties they would most like to see meet and get to know each other in this holiday original show - the winning Betties will be featured in this play.

         Popular Theatre in Repertory

         Love Letters by A.R. Gurney

The piece follows the relationship between Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, both born to position and wealth, from childhood through adolescence, adulthood and on. While Andrew goes on to excel in Yale and law school, eventually becoming a US Senator, Melissa’s life goes in quite a different direction. Their stories are told through their letters to each other, which the actors read aloud. While it is a reading, it is still very much a performance. The actors become themselves as children, teenagers, and people who have grown old with some regrets. The story of these two privileged people is always touching, often quite funny, and despite their station in life, one to which most adults can relate on some level. It is, perhaps, why this is an extremely popular piece, especially around Valentine’s Day. It is a simple production, with two actors, two stools or chairs, and one large desk or two smaller ones. Depending on the sized of the venue, two microphones and special lighting may be necessary.

        Hate Mail by Bill Corbett and Kira Obolensky

Similar to “Love Letters” in that it’s letters read by two characters, but a bit wilder and more hysterically funny. Preston, a trust fund baby, meets his match in Dahlia, an angst-filled artist. When Preston sends a complaint letter to a Times Square souvenier shop that ultimately gets Dahlia fired from her job, we follow the wild ride of their relationship via letters and email from hate to love, back again and ending in a chance meeting in an online chat room. This play was written through a series of actual improvised letters written by the playwrights to one another. A simple production as is “Love Letters,” done with two actors, this one is better suited to two chairs and two desks, but can also be done with two stools and music stands.
Depending on the sized of the venue, two microphones and special lighting may be necessary.

         Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues

Obie Award Winner. "Ensler breaks taboos by talking, talking and talking some more—stripping fear and shame from what she celebrates here. It makes for quite a party. Funny, outrageous, emotionally affecting, and occasionally angry…THE VAGINA MONOLGOUES confront words to demystify and disarm them. In so doing, Ensler disarms the audience too." —A.P. A tour of the world of women and vaginas from their own perspective. Eve Ensler interviewed hundreds of women to get just that. What she brings to the stage is a diverse group of women who share their lives in a frank, humorous and extraordinarily moving way. From a young woman who declares her short skirt has “nothing to do with you,” to an elderly woman who “closed the door’ to her “down there” as a young woman to a sex worker who loves to make women moan, each character is memorable. This is a piece about women, not about hating men. Any man who has ever lived with a woman or loved a woman will enjoy this play. Performed as staged reading. Three actresses, three stools, small stage, microphones and lights depending on size of venue. Excellent when used as fundraiser.

         Women on Fire by Irene O’Garden
This evening of twelve emotionally charged monologues was given its northeast premiere by Dermont & Munna as River Theatre Company in 2003, before it starred Judith Ivey Off Broadway, where its run was extended twice. From a Madison Avenue ad exec to Midwest mom to care-giver to construction worker, each character is lit with her own special fire - passion, anger, fear, even shopping-as-sex! While these are uniquely women's issues, they are ultimately human issues. WOMEN ON FIRE earned the highest rating for audience satisfaction from the Wall Street Journal/Zagat Theatre Survey. "Bewitching ... astounding ... heartbreaking." - N.Y. Times. ""Heartwarming, riveting drama." - NY "Fresh, spirited ... plumbing the secret depths of ordinary women." - Backstage. "Hot pick." - N.Y. Newsday. Describing the Riverh Theatre production: "A rare and exquisite evening.... Lyrical, touching substantial and ultimately profound.... Cancel all other appointments and treat yourself to this extraordinary evening of sublime writing." - Southampton Press. "Passionate and insightful.... Each character is memorable." - Riverhead Independent.

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